Dalmatians have always been around the fire house. The reason? Way back in the 1800's when fire trucks were pulled with horses, people walking on the streets who not see the horse drawn engines coming. The horses were also nervous with all the hustle and bustle of people. 

Dalmatians were very calming to horse (for some unknown reason) and horses and Dalmatians were usually good friends. When the alarm would go off, the horse drawn engine would leave the firehouse and the Dalmatian would run along side the horse which kept the horse calm. The Dalmatian, or Fire Dog, would also bark to alert the people that a fire engine was coming down the street. This would have been the first siren (the dog barking). 

​Over time, the horse was replaced with a mechanical engine and so was the siren, but the Dalmatian has stayed true to the fire house and the fire service. 


The History Behind The Fire Dog