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The Toms River Fire Company #1 would like to recognize and thank Former Chief and current Fire Police Richard (Dicky) Beck, Badge Number 37,  for 60 years of faithful and continuous service to our department. 

Chief Beck started with the Toms River Fire Company #1 on March 6th, 1959. He has held and served in a multitude of positions (but not limited to) such as Chief, President of the company and as of late he continues to serve as an active Fire Police Officer. 

Chief Beck also served on the Toms River First Aid Squad for many years as well as the Ciba Geigy Fire Brigade where he held many ranks including Captain and Deputy Chief. 

Chief Beck has seen his full share of the good and bad of being a first responder in our community. In his 60 years of emergencies that he was called upon to respond to, he has always kept the faith and was steady in all his decisions no matter the tasks. He served as Chaplin for our company and has seen his share of heartache and felt the pain in the hearts of our members while being there for each and every one of us yet always has a smile and a kind word. Chief Beck remains active with Toms River Fire Company responding to calls and protecting us with his wisdom as we complete our daily task. A member was just recently noted as stating "Chief Beck is a better man than I can ever want to be." No statement has ever been more true. The "old" invaluable traditions that he has instilled in younger members will be part of the company for years to come.  

His time and dedication to our community and its people cannot even be calculated. The people that he has touched, the lives that he has come into contact with and the homes and businesses saved are so vast, we cannot begin to tell the story. 

Chief Beck, Toms River Fire Company #1 salutes you and thanks you for the past 60 years of dedication. We wish you many more years of active service. 


In Case Of Emergency, DIAL "911"